On Thursday 18 April 2002 00:08, Joel Colombo wrote:
> i was wondering about a PHP function like mysql_fetch_array
> but that would select all the ROW values of one FIELD
> rather the  "mysql_fetch_array" selecting all FIELDS of ONE row.
> does PHP have that function ?

Not yet.

> basically y do i need that ?

You don't :)

> because i am selecting a number of rows from my table from 1 to 35000 at a
> time
> i need the SUM of one field based on the ROWS selected....
> but... no GROUP BY because the table has 2 fields: index, and fieldname

Why not do it in the database?

  SELECT SUM(price) FROM products;

> i have also posted this question in mailing.database.mysql but the traffic
> in that group has been too light...
> and posted to alt.php.sql but i will take any suggestions from any group on
> this one...

How about the MySQL mailing list?

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