I am making a system to publish newsarticles, send newsletter and 12 -
14 other functions/modules.
I've been working on it for almost two years, therefore some of the code
is pretty old.

Now, I want to create a set of tables controlling what is beeing
displayed in the site's menu and administrationmenu.
I want to make a "module" system, having all of the info about urls and
menu-titles in the db instead of in html.

This will cause the db to be queried every time the menu or the
adminmenu is displayed... Which is.. All the time.

My question is, do you think this is essentially a bad thing?
It sure makes administration easier, but I am wondering if this will
affect perfomance (alot)?

I figure the menu will consist of 7 - 8 menu categories, each having
three to four links in it...

Just have to ask u guys, instead of just going at it alone, only to
discover I made a big mistake...

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