mysql - Excel
what I do very often an what really works great is (escpecially when 
customers need some download feature for db data for word/mail/excel 
processing and have no sql/phpMyAdmin knowledge)
build a html data table using php:

// file download_table.php
<?php while (...) ?>
<?php } ?>

but instead of sending it to the browser as html file, send some 
"special" headers at the beginning of your script:

     Header("Content-Type: application/");
     Header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"$filename\"");

now your browser "recognizes" the arising download of an excel file and 
asks you whether to downloading to disk or to open using excel :-) as 
excel is great in html :-P , it activates its html import filter and 
that's it!

this method is very useful
- with complex queries
- as a download feature for "dumb users"

mysql - Access
Access is able to "get external data" out of an excel table...

if you know more about the other way (excel/access -> mysql).
what if you tried to access your mysql db from excel/access via the 
myODBC driver ?

HTH steff

Rosen Marinov wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I import/Export data to MySQL database using PHP following formats:
> EDI, Access, Excel ?
> Where can I find information about this ?
> Thanks,
> Rosen Marinov

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