Have you tried removing the [] brackets?  And what is ReferencesComplete - a
standard table, a view or a stored procedure?


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From: Hermann Otteneder [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: 17 April 2002 16:30
Subject: troubles with select * from... to a ms-sql-server

i try to get some data from our ms-sql-server the following statement:

   $SQL = "SELECT * FROM [ReferencesComplete]";

causes an error of the php.exe! i tried many various of this statement but
nothing helped. ether it came no error and the [$result =
mssql_query($SQL,$IDconnection);] variable was false or the php.exe crashed!
with mysql it workes ok but with the ms-sql-server not!

please give me help - this so what simple - but does not work - i lost so
much time...


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