Hi Kras....

> - Running PHP as the ISAPI module & make sure you have the latest version
> (you should get the latest version anyway).
Do you have problems with php in ISAPI mode with MSSQL permament

--> I don't use pconnect with ISAPI but maybe I should thinking about it(!)
so I can't help you with that, I noticed a huge performance boost just
switching from the CGI so didn't think about optimising the DB
connection....  If I was you I would use 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 as I believe there
are a number of fixes for Windows / MS-SQL.  Make sure you copy the latest
php mssql extension dll over into system32 (or wherever you work from).

I ran it in that mode, and it was very fast and was working until timeouted
pconnection. After reconnection php isami dumped 'access violation...' .
Apart of that I have problems with some libraries in isapi mode, so maybe
you have some tips about it?
Yes I have had some problems in the previous versions of PHP but 4.1.2 seems
very robust and stable.  I seem to recall some problems with extensions but
I am afraid I can't really remember which ones - I know for sure that GD and
MSSQL worked fine but I think the IISadmin and pdf had problems (not a
problem for us as we don't use the functionality those modules provide at

*my config: NT4 srv, SP6a,SRP, IIS4 w  the latest patches, PHP4.1.0,
libraries: GD, IMAP, PDF,zlib,MSSQL,DOMXML*

Hope that helps you further - sorry I can't be of more use but I stop using
NT4 a few months ago and I don't seem to be able to lay my hands on the docs
for the old server config (if they exist!) at the moment.



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