Using php & postgresql, I have 2 tables and a sequence as follows:

create sequence serial;

CREATE TABLE glmaster (
id              int default nextval('serial'),
accno           char(6) constraint accno_con not null unique,
reportlevel     int,
name            text,
isheader        boolean default 'f',
isdebit         boolean not null,
inactive        boolean default 'f',
primary key (id)

CREATE TABLE glcheque (
id              int references glmaster,
primary key(id)

My problem is this, when inserting to glmaster, at times I want to also 
insert the same value of id into glcheque. The values originate in a
form generated using php.
My first attempt was to insert all values except id into glmaster then 
followed by (in php):

$sql = select id as glid from glmaster where accno = $glaccno;
pg_exec($dbcon, $sql);

$sql1 = insert into glcheque values ($glid);
that fails because $glid is not initialised.

My next attempt was '$sql = select nextval ('serial') as glid;' etc

Neither does this initialise $glid.

I'm not sure if this is simply a timing problem, or if there is something 
wrong with my logic.

Thanks for any help given
Bob Parker

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