I'm trying to use a stored procedure and "ref cursors".
The PHP server has the Oracle 8.x client library and the
Oracle server is 7.x.  When I try to use the ref cursor
I get the infamous "ORA-24370" error.  This error goes away
when I connect to an Oracle 8 server (and everything else,
including the stored procedure, stays the same).

Others have reported this error but I have yet to find a
work-around (and I can't upgrade the server to Oracle 8.x).
I'm wondering if there's a way to use ociNewCollection() and
have a stored procedure return an array of records (somehow)
and that way do away with the need for "ref cursors", but
ociNewCollection() is under-documented to say the least :-(
Any tips or comments will be much appreciated. Thanks, -T.

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