> Hello, folks, and I apologize in advance if I break any rules here.  This
> is my first post on this list and I couldn't find any archive to review
> existing posts for the answer to this question.

Thanks for the URL.  I feel stupid for having missed it, cause of course
that is the page I used to sign up....  Maybe it was the late hour.

> a) How would you change the following the automatically find the tables
> run through the iteration.

Using mysql running the query:

  SHOW tables;

Would return the names of the tables in the currently selected database.
Okay, so I swapped
                $queryOfTableNames = "SELECT Name FROM $tableNamesTable";
                $queryOfTableNames = "SHOW tables";
Perfect.  Worked like a charm.  THANKS!

>...the RTFM thing, ... I just haven't found the
> answer yet.

Does that mean you haven't RTFM so you haven't found the answer yet?
No.  Actually I have been doing a huge bit of reading.  To clarify the RTFM
thing, I have been absorbing a lot of info, but I just wasn't able to parse
all the info well enough yet to recognize the answer when I saw it.

> b)  When I grab the values of the table names using my prepared table
> tableNames, I couldn't figure out how to get the TEXT value of that
> When I put in a debug statement, all I got was a value of "Array", rather
> than a name of a table.

It helps to RTFM. In any case the name of the function mysql_fetch_array()
kind of gives the game away :)
Yeah.  I kind of slapped my forehead since I noticed the name AFTER the word
"ARRAY appeared in my debug statements.  Nice of PHP to output the type of
an unsupported object in its functions.

  $value_of_field_0 = $line[0];
The perfect fit.  Thanks.

Remember the manual is your friend. If you haven't already done so, download
a copy (it's available in various formats) and make use of it!
Thanks Jason for your help!

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Internet/Interactivity Consultant
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