Try something like this:

$num = mysql_numrows($result); 
if ($num == 0) 
                echo "There were no records found.";
        while ...

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Subject: [PHP-DB] redirect a page

Hi to all,
I have a search form where users can search for a specific record; up to now
is working fine, but what I would like to do is: if the record is not found,
redirect them to another page that says that record was not found. Can
anybody tell me how to do this? I already tried using this statement
if ( !mysql_fetch_array($result) ) {
include file // this the page that I want to redirect them, but it doen't

I would like to execute the first statement it's false:
e.g if name doesn't match with anything in the table, redirect to another
else execute the whole query.

   $query = mysql_query("SELECT * from 150bk where trim(NAME) like '%" .
$legal_name . "%'");

   while($query_data = mysql_fetch_array($query))
          $id = trim($query_data[ID]);
          $name = trim($query_data[NAME]);
          $tracking_num = trim($query_data[TRACKING_NUMBER]);
          $census = trim($query_data[CENSUS_NUM]);
          $name_dba = trim($query_data[NAME_DBA]);

Any help, it's greatly appreciate

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