* I have the following variables: $c1 thru $c10.
    * I also have a FOR loop like this:
         for($count = 0; $count < sizeof($artist); $count++)
                 { echo "<i>$artist[$count]</i><br>"; }
         // $artist is a list of ten (10) artist's names.
    * What I'm trying to do is something like this:  Combine the variables 
with the info inside the FOR loop:
         for($count = 0; $count < sizeof($artist); $count++)
                 {  //Trying to assign the value of $c1, $c2, $c3, etc. 
using the value of the variable $count.
                    //But so far, it only processes the value of $count 
alone, and it ignores $c
                 //The line below should read like this:  $c1 = $artist[0], 
next line:  $c2 = $artist[1], etc.
                         $c . $count+1 = $artist[$count];


Julio Cuz, Jr.
Riverside Community College

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