Ok, I have been somewhat tasked here to try and do a web conversion from 
the idc/htx format of Microsoft to a more portable format. I am looking 
and using php for my scripting. My current scripts are very simple. Here 
is my setup.

Microsoft IIS using idc/htx frontend
MSSQL backend database
All sql queries, inserts, etc.. are handled as stored procedures.
IDC files only pass data to the sql server via odbc.

As you can see we have setup the sql server to handle all the processing 
  of data. The web server only passes data put into the forms across to 
the sql server.

Here are my questions.

1.  What odbc would you recommend under Linux to connect to the mssql 

2. Where would be a good place to go to get a feel on how I would write 
the code to pass the variable data over to the sql server.

3. Is this even easily obtainable. Or should I just start trying to 
re-write the entire site.

Also I am including below a sample of what our idc file looks like.

*Of course names have been changed to protect the guilty. ;-)

Datasource: Contacts
Template: view_entry.htx
SQLStatement: DECLARE @typesearch varchar(50)
+select @typesearch = '%R1%'
+if @typesearch = 'name'
+execute sp_corporate_wide_database_search '%name%', '%classification%'
+if @typesearch = 'company'
+execute sp_main_company_search '%name%', '%classification%'

I am on a tight schedule with this. Otherwise I would be only digging 
into any manual I could find first.


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