Hi All

i am reading a file named index.csv through a php script
i want make a php script such that

for example http://www.chida.com/in.php?topic=flu&col=1,2

the php script should read the index.csv and variables fromthe url
and display according to it.In the above example it should read csv
file and display only the columns 1,2(under topic) of the csv file.
could anyone help me with the php code and please suggest me site
which has the same type of code snippets.
thanks in advance

this is the code i have written but it doesnot work propery as i 
  $fp = fopen("index.csv","r");
  while ($data = fgetcsv($fp,1000)) {
  $num = count($data);
   print "fields in line $row: <br>";
  for ( $c=0; $c<$num; $c++ )  ;
if($HTTP_GET_VARS['topic'] = "fluent")
print $data[$c] ;


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