Hi all,

I'm using PHP to retrieve data from a form and pass it to a 'confirm' page.

Here the data is echoed and the user presses a 'confirm' button to finally
mail the information to us. This page is a basic html page (confirm.html)
with some inline php which displays the relevant information. At the bottom
there is a form 'confirm' button which has the action set to 'confirm.php'

Confirm.php simply emails the data.

The problem is that  the variables are not getting passed to the confirm.php
page - presumedly because they are not part of a valid form (confirm.html
contains no form fields, just the 'confirm' button)

I know the variables are all valid as I can echo them fine on the
confirm.html page - I just don't know how to pass them onto the new page
when they're not part of a form.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks


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