Hi Joop,

The ODBC guys know about this and several other issues with 4.2. Did you download the 
binary distribution or did you compile your own? One possibility concerning my issue 
is the options that were compiled into the binary distribution. It might be best to 
stay at 4.1.2 for now. I'm having ODBC problems that are keeping me at an older 
version right now too.

<>< Ryan

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Subject: [PHP-DB] upgrade to 4.2, now odbc cursor problem

Hi All, 

I am working with PHP for quite some time now. For this customer I am forced to use 
the windows version with a db2 database server. This has introduced some interesting 
After the upgrade from 4.1.2 many query's on most (MOST) table's give this warning:

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Cursor Library] SQLGetData is not allowed on a 
forward-only (non-buffered) cursor, SQL state SL008 in SQLGetData in 
f:\inetpub\wwwroot\mr-sales-db2\include\connect.inc on line 21

now I am not sure what a cursor is, how many types of a cursor there are. 
Maybe somebody could shed some light on this, because I am stuck here. 
I can post more specifice information if needed.

Kind regards,

Joop Marijne

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