The way I see it checkboxes are just boolean graphical representations. 
 Either a "yes" or "no" value if the box is checked or not, 
respectively.  Hence, it would make sense for the field to be of type 
"bool".  As far as storing goes, PHP sees a checked box of having a 
value of "on" and an unchecked box of having a value of false (or 
empty).  So what I typically do is have a function called is_checked() 
that passes the form field.

function is_checked($form_field){
    global $HTTP_POST_VARS;
    if($HTTP_POST_VARS[$form_field[ == "on")
        return 1;
        return 0;

In my SQL statement I pass the returned value directly

$strSQL = "INSERT INTO blah (is_foo) VALUES (" . is_checked('is_foo') . ")"

Hope this helps. :D

-Roj Niyogi
PostgreSQL web hosting


Julio Cuz, Jr. wrote:

> Hi--
> Does anyone have any suggestions, SAMPLES, or ideas on how to STORE, 
> RETRIEVE, AND PROCESS values for "Check Boxes" w/PHP & Postgresql?
> Thanks!
> Julio Cuz, Jr.
> Riverside Community College
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