Hi all,

It's Monday, it's probably something stupid, but I have poured over this all
day and cannot find the problem.
This is a simple search engine based on one table. It is suppose to return
the results of the search word. Instead it returns ALL records in the mysql
table. If I type the letter x and there are no words in the table with an x
I still get all records returned.

Would someone be kind enough to show me what I have done wrong.

  $query = "SELECT  iname, quantity, user, price FROM
{$config["prefix"]}_shop WHERE iname LIKE '%$searchword%' AND price > 0
ORDER BY price";
 $ret = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
 while($row = mysql_fetch_array($ret))
  $user = $row['user'];
  $iname = $row['iname'];
  $q = $row['quantity'];
 $price = $row['price'];

   if($searchword = $iname)
   echo "<TABLE BORDER='0' WIDTH='95%' CELLPADDING='0'
   echo "<TD width=20%><a href='usershop.php?user=$user'>$user</a></TD>";
   echo "<TD width=40%><font size=2>$iname</font></TD>";
   echo "<TD width=20%><font size=2><CENTER>$q</CENTER></font></TD>";
   echo "<TD width=30%><font size=2><CENTER>$price</CENTER></font></TD>";
   echo "</TD></TR></TABLE>";

echo "Search Shops<BR><input type=text name=\"searchword\" value=\"\">";
echo "<BR><INPUT TYPE='submit' NAME='search' VALUE='Search'>";


Thank you
The sleeper has awaken

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