i have the following problem: (database Oracle 8.1.7)
we got a package ACCESSLIST with a function GETRIGHTS.
this function returns a cursor. So what i want now is calling this function
and walk through the returned cursor:
this is what i have so far, but it brings me some errors:

$query = "BEGIN :result := ACCESSLIST.GETRIGHTS(:in_val); END;";

$stmt = ociparse ($conn, $query);
ocibindbyname($stmt, ":result", &$res, -1);
ocibindbyname($stmt, ":in_val", &$value, -1);

ok...the first error i get is :
"GETRIGHTS is not a procedure or isn't defined."
GETRIGHTS is defined on the DB in package ACCESSLIST,
but it's a function, not a procedure.
Is it not possible to call a oracle function from within php?
what is theerror here. how to call the function? how to bind the :result
cursor and
how to walk through it? using ocifetchinto or something?

please help! any sample code and some additional knowledge on calling
oracle functions from within php are highly appreciated.

Regards Michael

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