I have a problem writing form data to a table in MySQL.  I have an action.php file 
that it called when the information is submitted and it looks something like this:


  $connection = mysql_connect("@localhost","root", "password")
    or die ("The DataBase is Down!");

   mysql_select_db("web_feedback", $connection)
    or die ("I Can't connect at database!");
   $query_st_name = mysql_query("INSERT into name_email (col1) values($name)"); 
   $query_st_email = mysql_query("INSERT into name_email (col2) values($email)");
    mysql_close($connection); // Close this connection

Thanks for submitting your name and e-mail, I will contact you soon to discuss your
interest in more detail.

I can tell the file is being called since the previous message appears in the window.  
But when I go to check out my table there are no records.  Anyone see where this may 
be going wrong?  I also set a php_error log path in the PHP.ini and I do not get any 
errors written there.  I think it may be something else but not sure what...

the site: www.best-it.biz
the link: services
thanks in advance!

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