On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 12:35:48PM +0100, Ford, Mike               [LSS] wrote:
> Using the Oracle OCI interface, as far as I can see if I do the following:
>       $stmt = OCIParse($conn, 'DELETE FROM TITLES'
>                            . ' WHERE TAG<0'
>                            . ' RETURNING ID INTO :T_ID');
> there seems to be no way of picking up more than one ID when multiple rows are 
>deleted.  The obvious
>        OCIBindByName($stmt, ':T_ID', $t_id, 10);
> only returns one ID, and not an array of IDs as I might have
> expected.  No other method I can think of is able to return
> even that!  (Including any OCIFetch variation, which doesn't
> surprise me as they're labelled as being for SELECT results
> only!)
> I would be very grateful for any suggestions of how to do this,
> or confirmation that it can't be done (in which case I'll
> submit a Feature/Change request to ask for it!).

    have you tried an array bind? i have not tries myself, but
    that would be my 1st guess.
    see http://conf.php.net/pres/slides/oci/paper.txt for a small

> It seems ridiculous that I should have to do a SELECT/DELETE
> pair, when Oracle provides such a useful feature to get the
> same result in a single statement.

    bla bla bla...

    php comes for free - please choose your words a bit more
    careful, ppls might get offended and not respond to you at

    if you require this feature and it's not in PHP you can:
    - moan
    - implement it and keep it private
    - implement it and give it back to PHP for other ppls to use
    - find someone who implements it for free
    - sponsor someone to implement it

    if you are interested in sponsoring this development please
    contact me via PM. 


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