> If I have records like this
> ID  Content
> 1   "John have a red book, and a yellow book. He give a yellow book to
> 2   "Luke doesn't have any book at all, he always borrow it from John".
> 3   "John like swimming".
> Can I search this records (table) for a word "book" and also number of
> occurences at every record?
>  From table above, the result would be
> ID   Number
> 1    3
> 2    1
> I use Oracle 8.1.7.

I'm not an Oracle expert - you may be able to do the whole thing in SQL -
but as a first approximation:

SELECT ID, Content FROM MyTable WHERE Content LIKE '%book%'

then for each returned record,
    echo $id." ".substr_count($content, "book");

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