I have a work-in-progress class to handle update/edit of forms, but my
general strategy for checkboxes has been to include another hidden
field which has a value of 1 so you know that there should be an
accompanying field. e.g.

f_checkboxname is your checkbox
c_checkboxname is your fake field

in the loop where you go through all the  fields, look for antyhing
that starts with f_ or c_ and if you get a c_, look for the
accompanying f_. If it's got a value, then set the checkbox 1, else
set it zero

-- Jamie

Thursday, May 2, 2002, 8:39:12 AM, you wrote:

PN> I have made function that automaticly inserts/updates the fields in a mysql
PN> database from the $HTTP_POST_VARS variable. So when a user submits a form is
PN> will autimaticly update the database. The problem I am having is that i need
PN> to be able to submit unchecked checkboxes.

PN> Does anyone know how to do this, or any workaround.

PN> Thanks.

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