Darren Stock wrote:
> Hi, I cannot get the php mail function to work from a web browser, if I run
> my script from the linux prompt, containing the mail function, it runs fine,
> it sends the mail. But If I run it through my browser it doesn't come back
> with any errors, it just doesn't send the mail.
> my php.ini file is ok, as it sends the mail from the prompt. Is this a
> browser or webserver problem?
> I interrogated my mail server, and it doesn't even receive an email message.
> im running apache with php on Mandrake 8.2

Most likely the Web user does not have an valid mailbox in the server 
machine. You need to set the envelop sender (AKA return-path) to some 
valid e-mail address mailbox. You need to either call sendmail directly 
with the -f switch or send the message to a SMTP server.

You may want to try these classes that do that for you:




Manuel Lemos

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