Hello all,

I'm setting up a mysql/php system where people will be able to enter
articles.  Obviously I'll have a writer table and an article table but I
want a way for the IDs to be passed seamlessly from one table to the other.

IOW, when they login, I want to pass the writer_ID returned from the db to
the writer_ID column in the article table. Is this a reasonable way to do
this or is there some inherit problem I am missing?  Would it be foolish to
pass the Writer_ID back to the writer as either a login or password?

Secondly, at registration time I (believe I) need to have a uniqueness check
for writers so it errors out if someone tries to register multiple times
with the same name but allows two different people with the same name to
register. Does using an email address seem reasonable or is there a way to
concatenate data (name.birthdate.driverslicence) to build a more complete
uniqueness check? (I realise after registration I will be using only the ID
field but this needs to be checked before an ID is assigned).

Finally, should I have email address as a separate table or is it OK to
limit addresses to one and have an update page which allows users to change
addresses if necessary?

Cheers and thanks


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