On Saturday 11 May 2002 19:19, andy wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to understand the use of grant. do have some probs. Maybe
> someone can give me hint..
> I did try this command:
> grant all privileges on *.* to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (xxx... = ip
> adress)
> Then I did try to connect from this remote machine to the server using this
> user
> The errormsg is:
> Connection failed:
> 1045- Access denied for user:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (using password NO)
> What's wrong with my grant table statement? Or is there somehow a firewal
> involved? php works with db access. I am running it on suse7.2

You're better off asking on the mysql list.

You do know that the above statement would grant privileges to /ALL/ your 
databases to the user mysqladmin connecting at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /WITHOUT/ 
requiring the use of a password?

After doing a grant you need to "flush privileges" before it will take effect.

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