I'm looking for a way to do the following

I've created a php/mysql site for my wife for various
database lists she has. 

She uses PHP locally on our on web server to add/manage
entries but a lot of the pages need to be static and uploaded
to a specific site (no PHP/MySQL).

So I've give her a link that calls another php page to "generate"
and view the static page in the format she requires.  She then has to
view the source of that page hilight and copy it over the top
of the old page on her PC, then upload it to the site.

Now... what I would to be able to do is instead of her having to 
view source etc. I would like to be able to call up a Windows 
file save dialog box (maybe even going staright to the correct folder)
so that the file can just be saved.

I can't find anything in the PHP manual about this.  Anyone done it
or have any ideas?


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