I apologize if the answer to this is incredibly simple.  I'm trying to learn
PHP, and evaluate whether to change our site away from ASP.

I have the following php code, and I can't get any results.

I have add the line  echo mssql_num_rows($rs); to see how many rows are
returned, and I get 11 (there are 11 rows in this table).

The page outputs only "11<br>Done".  Why am I not getting any thing into
$row?  Why do I only get 1 <br> (I would expect 11)?

--Begin Code

$db = mssql_connect("domino","uid","pwd");
if ($db)
 $dbs = mssql_select_db("acuity_edd_app",$db)
  or die("Couldn't set DB");
 $sql = "SELECT * FROM timItemClass ORDER BY ItemClassID";
 $rs = mssql_query($sql);
 echo mssql_num_rows($rs);
 if ($rs)
  while ($row = mssql_fetch_array($rs));
   echo $row["ItemClassKey"];
   echo "<br>";
  echo "No results\n";
 echo "Done\n";
 echo "Unable to connect to database.\n";

--End Code

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