Apologies for the repeat to those who are in php-general and php-windows.
i'm running PHP4.1.1 as a module through Apache 1.3.22 on W2k Server SP2 -- 
connecting to a MSSQL server running on the same OS.

I'm having 2 problems with the system.
1.  on mssql_query(*SELECT statments*); that return MSSQL's 'real' number 
that have super high precision, php just dies.  no log in the error log - 
and a "connection with the server was reset" from the browser

2.  putting multiple SQL statments into a mssql_query() doesn't return a 
proper result set, and render other mssql_*() functions non-functional for 
the rest of the execution of the script.

explanation of #1:

<database snippet comment="Inventory column is of type 'real'">
code    inventory     name
PRC01   2.33          Prince Brand Chips
FCA13   9.9999934E-2  Frozen Calamari
</database snippet>

when i
mssql_query("select * from products");
or, more specifically
mssql_query("select inventory from products where code = 'FCA13'");

BOOM!  php crashes, and i get a pop-up window in MSIE that says, "IE cannot 
open the site ......  the connection with the server was reset"

mssql_query("select * from products where code = 'PRC01'"); works like a 

granted 9.9999934E-2 isn't an actual number for inventory, it should be 
0.10.  BUT, i can't help that.  my application is not the only one that uses 
this data.  This happens on various number with extremely high precision 
(3.4000000E-8, 9.9999938E-3, etc...)

explanation of #2:

someone gave me a possible solution to #1: SET TEXTSIZE 2048 before the 
but when i do:

mssql_query("SET TEXTSIZE 2048 select inventory from products where code = 

I get:

Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MS SQL-result resource in
utils.php on line 50

AND, from then on, no mssql_*() functions work....

Warning: MS SQL: Unable to select database: PRODDB in utils.php on line 48

Warning: MS SQL: Query failed in utils.php on line 50

Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MS SQL-result resource in
testms.php on line 72

It turns out when i do any query with mutliple statements in it (even if i 
don't use the result set for something), it causes the same thing.  all 
mssql_*() functions are rendered non-functional. even something that doesn't 
access data in the DB, like:

mssql_query("declare @P1 float \n set @P1 = 10.00 \n select @P1");

i get the "not a valid MS SQL-result resource" error.

is there a setting i can change to make multiple statements OK for PHP?  I 
know the statements run just fine on the SQL server, because i ran MSSQL 
Profiler on the server to catch all statments and errors, and no errors 
happened..... but all of the mssql*() calls that come after don't even make 
it to the SQL server.

Thanks for reading a long email, and any help that can be given.


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