Does this happen with latest PHP? If yes, please report
this as a bug.

PS: Current PostgreSQL module is trying to rollback
uncommitted transactions when request is finished.
This is old postgresql module issue, probably.

Yasuo Ohgaki

Max Buvry wrote:
> Hi,
> I use Postgresql 7.0 + php-4.0.2 and I meet a problem with the
> transactions.
> The problem is the famous example of the bank accounts and the money
> transfers. 
> My script php follows this steps :
>         BEGIN WORK
>         UPDATE the first bank account
>         sleep(300)
>         UPDATE the second bank account
>         COMMIT WORK
> While the sleep, the client uses the STOP button on his browser and
> stops the connection.
> The first update is accepted : it seems that the transaction is
> autocommited when the execution is stopped. 
> I find a solution with php by using ignore_user_abort() and
> connection_aborted(). But I should prefer an other method.
> For example anybody knows if it is possible to speficy the autocommit
> to not when the connection is opened ?
> In advance, thanks for your response.
> mb
> ps : I test the same thing with Postgresql only and if the transaction
> is not closed, the previous requests are "rollback" which is better for
> me.

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