hi everyone.  please bear with me as i am trying to troubleshoot this
problem to the best of my abilities ...

as it stands, i can create both databases and tables remotely using php
scripts *read as i can do it from a web browser client*.  connecting to the
database and displaying output is also troublefree.  however, whenever i try
to add data to the tables, i either get blank entries or absolutely nothing.

the following script ...

<? php
mysql_connect("localhost", "test", "testpw");
mysql_query("insert into firsttab (first_name, last_name) values
('$first_name', '$last_name')");
print ($first_name);
print (" ");
print ($last_name);
print ("<p>");
print ("blah blah blah");

with the appropriate mysql_error() statement gave the following error msg:

string(35) "insert into firsttab values(",");

any help is greatly appreciated at this point.


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