I am trying to configure a webserver running iplanet
and php to connect to a postgresql server. My setup is
the following:

Web server: Solaris 2.6, iplanet 4.1, PHP 4.1
DB server: Linux 2.2.20 (debian woody), PostgreSQL

I have built PHP under Solaris with the configuration:

./configure --with-pgsql=/usr/local/pgsql
--with-nsapi=/usr/netscape/server4 --enable-track-vars

However I am not able to connect to the PostgreSQL
server through the web server, I get a message
complaining about the server running without the -I
flag. However the server is running with the -I flag
and I am able to connect to it from the web Solaris
box using the pgsql client.

Does anyone have a success story :) with a similar
configuration? I would appreciate also pointers to
tutorials/guides on PHP/PostgreSQL/Iplanet

Thanks in advance,


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