Good afternoon everyone,

I have a site running on Apache 1.3.24, PHP 4.2.0, and MySQL 3.23.49 all
done on a W2K box.  Whenever I run as regular user instead of admin, my site
runs but cannot make any db connections through the PHP scripts.  I
installed MySQL as a service, but it won't run when I switch from admin to
"joe blow" user accounts.  Why is the Apache service able to run on other
user accounts but MySQL is not?  I remember the option "enable for all
users" when Apache installed, but MySQL gave no such option on install that
I noted.

Has anybody else had this problem?  The site doesn't get enough hits to
warrant a single-use computer, so I need to be able to have multiple user
accounts.  I looked at the service properties of mysql in control panel but
found no options which could make a difference (or so I think).

My apologies for posting this problem to the group.  I realize it is
off-topic, but I'm not sure where to post it after reviewing the MySQL faq
at and not finding anything.

To Summarize, HERE'S THE QUESTION:  How do you configure the mysql daemon to
run under any user account on Windows?



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