I want to run a query to fetch out a navigation menu on a site I am
working on. I always have paranoia of destroying the db with ineffecient
queries... Now, as I understand it, sub-queries is a bad thing. They are
very slow in MySQL??

This menu I am making will be displayed on each page the user is looking
at, but the query won't be too big. Only has to loop through 14 - 16
rows In one table sorted by 6 - 8 rows in another table.

I have a mainmenu table.
Number <-- order on page 

And a menu table:
Number <-- order in the sub-menu.
Mainmenu_id <-- linkage to the mainmenu table...

Does this sound like a bad idea? Should I reconsider this, maybe putting
everything in one big happy table? How do you think this would be on a
server client serving 1000 pages a second....?

Any thoughts or urls or whatever would be greatly appreciated. :)

Sincerely yours : Trond E. Hundal

And, btw: I am very sorry for the spam post about the virus... Hehe...
Very sorry indeed.

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