Ok craked it... yes me i craked it....:-)
All you need to do is create an array from your sql like this:
1st place your dumped sql statement into a varibale.
2nd create an array from your sql like this
$array = explode( ';', $sqlvar );
 foreach( $array as $value )
  if( !$result = mysql_query( $value ))
 return $result;
Thats it.
If you want it explaining any more them please email me.
Of to finish my project :-)
Dave C
P.S you can add a message var under break to then echo it to inform your user that its finished.
-------Original Message-------
Date: Sunday, May 26, 2002 17:10:53
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] db sql issue from var
> I think it an issue with including multiple sql commands in one var...

Yup, you can't do that. Simply separate them and do them one at a time.


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