Hi all,

I have a 3-page form input, where the variables are passed from one page to another 
using HTTP_POST_VARS and stored in the next one in HIDDEN fields (just to make sure). 
At the end of the 3rd page, is another one where I thank the visitor and proccess all 
the data.

The data proccess consist in two steps. First, I save the data into a MySQL DB table 
(just for record keeping) with an auto_increment id number and Second, the script 
sends an e-mail to me in order to view the visitor's request.

I haven't got into the email part yet (which it's going to be new to me) because I 
have this HUGE error when tring to store the data into the DB. What I written is the 
following (obviusly the db_connect() is well done but not written here):

$query = "INSERT INTO tablename (name, company, specialty, .........) VALUES 
($HTTP_POST_VARS['name'], $HTTP_POST_VARS['company'], $HTTP_POST_VARS['specialty'], 
$result = mysql_query($query);
if (mysql_errno())
 die("<BR>" . mysql_errno().": ".mysql_errno()."<BR>");

The error that shows is:

Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING' in 
C:\apache\htdocs\icaam2\consultas\pres_sent.php on line 3

Before I used $HTTP_POST_VARS[] I used to get the mysql_errno(): 1046 and 1064 (when 
using just the variable names).

Where can the problem be? Also, I would be very greatefull if someone could tell me 
how to send the e-mail using sendmail.

Thanx in advance,

Cesar Aracena
Neuquen, Argentina

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