"Richard Davey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> In the 5th line I changed "thread.id" to "thread.threadid" so the name was
> correct but the same error occurs.

Ok, I was guessing at your field names...

> to give a perfectly satisfactory result but have no idea if this is
> perversing SQL again or not!


When retrieving information from a database, you
should expect to get a variable number of records
where each record has the same structure.

Instead, you were hard-coding a query to get
a single record with information about a number
of different groups.  If you wanted to change
the number of groups returned, you would have to
change the structure of the query.

By getting a record for each group, the
structure of the query does not change if
you decide to look at a different number
of groups - just the data you give to
the WHERE clause.

> (it at least makes more sense now I guess).
> As soon as I add the "where IN" clause it errors.

umm... try putting the WHERE clause before the GROUP BY?

> Can anyone recommend ANY good books on SQL
> query design? I don't want (or care) about database
> administration, I just want to know what constitutes a
> good database design and lots and lots of query
> examples/tutorials.

try a Google search for 'database normalization tutorial';
that should get you started.

also check out the documentation at www.mysql.com

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