On Wednesday 29 May 2002 06:55, Kevin Stone wrote:
> All I need to do is return anything matching the following pattern from a
> specific column in a table.   This is how I'd write it in PHP if I were
> pulling the data from string.  The string in this example is a direct copy
> of one of the column fields..
> <?
> $str = "teaspoon_3 legends_3 lore_3 einstein_3 recipes_2 cups_2 plaster_2
> paris_2";
> // Search for einstein in the string and return the number associated with
> that word.
> preg_match_all("'einstein_(\d)'", $str, $matches);
> ?>
> What would be the SQL equivilant?  I hate to seek a hand out here.. but I'm
> struggling with SQL REGEX and there just aren't as many good examples out
> there as there are for PHP.  The MySQL manual wasn't much help that's for
> sure. :-\

It doesn't seem possible. The MySQL REGEXP only returns a 1 or 0 to indicate a 
match or no match.

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