I could be missing something, but it looks like you are using the result of
the mysql_query as the actual result.  It actually returns some weird
identifier.  To access the real info you'd have to use something like
mysql_fetch_array to get it.

Check out this and see if it helps:



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Subject: [PHP-DB] Resource ID#2 ????

Ok here is my problem, I set this up so a user selects a name form a select
box and that name or $user_id is then  passed to this page so the user can
edit the contact info etc.  However it does not pull the selected $user_id
and place each field into my form boxes, all I get is a Resource ID #2.  Not
sure how I can over come this...

$table = "auth_users";
 $record = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $table WHERE user_id =
    $var_form .= "<table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"7\"><form
name=\"$user_id\" method=\"post\" action=\"del_account.php\">
      <tr><td width=\"20%\" colspan=\"2\"><b>Edit Account
    <tr><td width=\"20%\">First Name:</td><td width=\"80%\"><input
type=\"text\" name=\"$f_name\" size=\"30\" maxlength=\"30\"
value=\"$f_name\"><font class=\"copyright\">i.e. John</font></td></tr>
    <tr><td width=\"20%\">Last Name:</td><td width=\"80%\"><input
type=\"text\" name=\"$l_name\" size=\"30\" maxlength=\"30\"
value=\"$l_name\"><font class=\"copyright\">i.e. Doe</font></td></tr>
          <tr><td width=\"20%\">Email:</td><td width=\"80%\"><input
type=\"text\" name=\"$email_addy\" size=\"30\" maxlength=\"30\"
value=\"$email_addy\"><font class=\"copyright\">i.e.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]</font></td></tr>
    <tr><td width=\"20%\">User Name:</td><td width=\"80%\"><input
type=\"text\" name=\"$un\" size=\"30\" maxlength=\"30\" value=\"$un\"><font
class=\"copyright\">i.e. j-doe</font></td></tr>
    <tr><td width=\"20%\">Password:</td><td width=\"80%\"><input
type=\"password\" name=\"$pw\" size=\"30\" maxlength=\"30\"><font
class=\"copyright\">(password must be alpha-numeric, i.e.
                <tr><td width=\"20%\">Confirm Password:</td><td
width=\"80%\"><input type=\"password\" name=\"$pw\" size=\"30\"
maxlength=\"30\"><font class=\"copyright\">please confirm password
                <tr><td width=\"20%\">&nbsp;</td><td width=\"80%\"><input
type=\"submit\" name=\"add\" value=\"edit user\">&nbsp;&nbsp;<input
type=\"reset\" name=\"reset\" value=\"reset\"></td></tr>
    echo $record;
    } else {
blah blah
Thanks in advance,

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