This may or may not work for your purposes but instead of using the out of office 
wizard I used a message rule, and placed it after my rule that files list emails into 
their own folder. Since I have Stop Processing More Rules checked on the prior rule 
the new rule does not apply to those list emails. The new rule is set to reply using a 
specific template that I created by creating a new email and then saving it as a .oft 
file. It seems to be smart enough not to send multiple replies to the same person. 
However, one catch that may be something specific to my setup. It only seems to reply 
to exchange users, not internet addresses anyway. I'm not sure why, but it suits my 
needs. I also set it to be active between specific dates so it will automatically 
start when my vacation (actually honeymoon!!!) does. Hope that is helpful! :-)

<>< Ryan

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To: Ryan Jameson (USA); [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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I couldn't find a way to exclude someone - even in the rules it didn't look
like it had anything like that.  It doesn't even look like you can skip it
if you delete.

You might want to try to the MS website - they have a pretty thorough FAQ
and it's much better than the help that comes up with the paperclip (I
didn't find it in there)!  If you find anything, please let me know.  I
don't want to spam everyone with my Out of Office replies either :-)


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From: Ryan Jameson (USA) [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 12:50 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Outlook Out Of Office

i know this List isn't for this, but I'm about to go on vacation and I don't
want to AutoReply everytime someone posts to this list. Does anyone know how
I can set Out Of Office to skip sending a reply when the mail was sent to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ? I looked at the rules and all of the actions are the
ones that I don't need. None of them are "Don't send response" ... I imagine
this could be helpful for others as well.

<>< Ryan

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