I desperately need help...  I've based my entire project on the use of input text 
boxes that can be read or edited.  Its a web form that gets its data from mysql 
tables.  For some reason when I write the code this way and use single quotes ('), 
everything after a single quote in the string gets truncated:

  echo "<input $ca name=university[$y] value='$university[$y]'>";

But when I use double quotes (") like this:

  echo "<input $ca name=university[$y] value=\"$university[$y]\">";

Everything after a " gets truncated in the text string.  When I first input the data 
it goes into the mysql database fine.  The problem only lies in when I import the 
value into the html form.  I even tried writing the code like this:

  echo "<input $ca name=university[$y] value=$university[$y]>";

And here is what the source code shows:
  <input class=Inputa name=university[1] value=John's "Wayne">

But the input box shows only:  John's

Oh, and I don't get the problem when I use <textarea> instead of <input> tags, but 
they just won't do for the design.
Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.


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