Dear all
I had a table which store the user's Leave records.
There ar two field in table that i had picked for the checking Process. 1:
Leave_From, 2:Leave_To.

What i want to check is either Leave_From or Leave_To will not overlap
between the Records in Database. I know it quit hard to understand what i
want to do, so here is an example :

Existing Records  in Table:
 Name    Staff Code    Leave_From    Leave_To        Backup_Staff
 JACK    123                2002-01-15    2002-01-17        Someone

User Input:
 Name    Staff Code    Leave_From    Leave_To        Backup_Staff
  May        234            2002-01-16        2002-01-18    Someone

As you look at the Record input by user, you can find out that there is an
overlap Entry on User Input's "Leave_From" field.

It is in between the record in Existing Record's Date.
2002-01-15  -> 2002-01-16 <- 2002-01-17

I want to stop any record like this case insert to my table!

Does anyone know how to Prevent it?

Thx a lot!

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