Hi all,

I know this is not used a lot, but I'm building a site that will show up a some kinda 
strange content. It will have diferent tables inside diferent pages. Each table will 
show a diferent header with several colums showing diferent diameters of the products. 
The table header will not be created by PHP, so the colums diameters will not be 
handled or recordered using variables.

The rows on the other hand, will show diferent products which will be obtained by PHP 
from a MySQL database. each product has several diameters and I need PHP to put a 
check sign (image made) under ceratin diameter colums for each product.

The tables under I have that information are a products table, a diameters table and a 
relationship of 1:N table for the products - diameters. Can I make a PHP function that 
will recognize the HTML column content and compare it to the information collected 
from the DB relationships table, so it will know when to put a check sign in the 
column for that product?

Thanks a lot on this one,

Cesar Aracena
Neuquen, Argentina

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