There is no way to know if the user has left the website.  About all you can
do is save a timestamp in the database for every recordable action the user
performs then if no actions take place for say 10 minutes that user is said
to be 'logged out' and you delete the database row and deallocate any PIN's
they may have accumulated.  But let me ask you a question...  Why exactly
does the system allocate a PIN when the user adds it to their cart?
Wouldn't you solve your problem by simply waiting until the transaction is

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> Dear ALL,
> I'm programming a web site that has a small shopping cart to sell virtual
> information, I must allocate the information I'm selling (Phone Card PIN
> Codes) and block it from others, once a user adds it to his cart, and on
> other hand, I must set it free (DeAllocate it) when the user leaves the
> without checking out. I'm using session to figure out the users, but I
> how to sense when the user has left the site, and his session is closed
> (automatically).
> Any Body Can Help??????
> Thanx in Advanced
> bst rgds
> Hayan
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