I've been racking my brain for too long on this one, can someone help me
out with a SQL query?

I've got 2 tables in a mySQL database, 'users' and 'files' defined as

Id                      int (autoincrement)
Username                varchar

Id                      int (autoincrement)
Userid          int
Stamp                   int (holds unix_timestamp for
Filename                varchar

What I want is a single query that returns all of the users that have
submitted files, and only the MOST RECENT file for each user.  I'm sure
I need a GROUP BY and/or a MAX() in there somewhere.....

Maybe if I LEFT JOIN the table to itself........

Right now, I do one query for a list of users with files, then a
separate query for each user to find their most recent file.  It now
takes in excess of 100 queries to build the page!

There must be a better way.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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