I've been plugging away at learning a bunch about PHP, but now I'm stuck.
I've found a search utility at
http://www.digitalgenesis.com/software/dgssearch.html , and I was able to go
through and customize it.

But then I came upon the problem of correct URL's for the search results.  I
just learned to do the
'test.php?start=3' thing (ie. dynamic pages based on query strings), and now
I'm working on creating URL's for the search results that will work

Getting a URL that consists of  just a category [ie. books.php] isn't a
problem.  That's a matter of accessing the 'category' in the database.  But,
because I have a few pages of books, I need to get users to the page their
book is on [books.php?page=3] -- else they'll have to try to find the book
they searched for by going through a bunch of pages.

Any suggestions or online resources [tips/tutorials] would be greatly
appreciated!  I've looked, but can't seem to find anything.



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