On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, andy wrote:
> I would like to count the users out of a mysql db who registered after a
> certain date.
> The column I have in the db is a char and I do not want to change this
> anymore.
> This is how a typical entry looks like: May 29, 2002
> This is how I tryed it:
> // while '10...' is unix timestamp june 1, 02
> FROM users_table
> WHERE UNIX_TIMESTAMP( user_regdate ) > '1022882400'

You can only call UNIX_TIMESTAMP on a DATE or DATETIME field, not on just
any generic CHAR/VARCHAR/TEXT/whatever. "May 29, 2002" isn't a MySQL
timestamp, so I'm guessing you have a textual field type.

The lesson of all this is: Convert dates to either unix or database-native 
date format before storing them in the database. Things like "May 29, 
2002" are useless in a database.

At this point I'd recommend running a quick script to strtotime() all your
dates and then re-write them to a new field that's in a proper format.


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