Try $fp=@fopen( etc


Tony wrote:

>I have a database and I am writing a script to auto-update some information
>in the database.
>That requires me to read data from database, find the URL, read the URL,
>find the information I want, then update it in the database.
>My problem is, for example I read one record from database who's URL is
>And I try to read the URL with fopen() for information:
>$fp = fopen(³², ³r²);
>if (!$fp)
>    echo ³URL not available.²;
>    exit;
>If the URL is available, things will work fine.
>But if the URL is NOT available, I will get a error saying ³attempt to load
>file ³MyFileıs URL² failed² from browser.
>Itıs supposed to output the string ³URL not available², isnıt it?
>Anyone know how to get around with this?
>Tony S. Wu

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