Following my earlier message I had some replies which suggested a way to
solve my problem. Unfortuantelu I cannot seem to get the suggested code to
work. This may well be because I have mistyoed something.

The script I am running is:
<A HREF="modifycataloguerange.htm" TARGET="Lower"><IMG SRC="/jpg/modify.jpg"
<A HREF="addcataloguerange.htm" TARGET="Lower"><IMG SRC="/jpg/addnew.jpg"
<A HREF="deletecataloguerange.htm" TARGET="Lower"><IMG
SRC="/jpg/deleterow.jpg" BORDER=0></A></LEFT>
    /* Connecting, selecting database */
    $link =
        or die("Could not connect");
    print "Connected successfully<P>";
     mysql_select_db("stamps") or die("Could not select database");
    $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM CATALOGUE_RANGES");
   /*  Table definition:
CREATE TABLE catalogue_ranges(
 sg_start_number VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL,
 sg_end_number   VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL)

 print ("<TABLE BORDER=5 WIDTH=90%>");
    print ("<TR>");
    print ("<TD WIDTH=20%> <B>ID </B>");
    print ("<TD WIDTH=30%> <B>Start Number</B>");
    print ("<TD WIDTH=30%> <B>End Number</B>");
    print ("<TD WIDTH=10%> <B>Modify</B>");
    print ("<TD WIDTH=10%> <B>Delete</B>"); */

  foreach($result as $row){
 echo '<tr><td><a



The screen displays the icons and the connection message but nothing else

The error log from apache is:
[Fri Jun 07 16:07:55 2002] [info] Parent: Created child process -1734187
[Fri Jun 07 16:07:55 2002] [info] Parent: Duplicating socket 104 and sending
it to child process -1734187
[Fri Jun 07 16:07:56 2002] [info] BytesRead = 372 WSAProtocolInfo = 020
[Fri Jun 07 16:08:38 2002] [error] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied
for foreach() in c:\usr\www\my-domain\cataloguerangeslist.php on line 27
[Fri Jun 07 16:09:43 2002] [error] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied
for foreach() in c:\usr\www\my-domain\cataloguerangeslist.php on line 27
[Fri Jun 07 16:10:08 2002] [info] master_main: Shutdown event signaled.
Shutting the server down.
[Fri Jun 07 16:10:10 2002] [info] removed PID file
c:/usr/local/apache/logs/ (pid=-1747971)

Can anyone please tell me what the problem is.

Is there any documentation which directly relates to using PHP with MySQL?


Peter Goggin

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Subject: PHP amd MYSQL

> I am setting up a web page system which involves html pages, php pages and
> mysqldatabase.
> I have a number of questions and do not know where to find answers.
> If  I display the rows from a database table in a php generated html table
> is it possible to mark a row so that it can be deleted or modified by
> calling another php page? If so is this documented anywhere?
> Is there any good source of information on setting up 'forms'to work like
> Oracle forms where database records can be inserted, updated or deleted?
> Regards
> Peter Goggin

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