Have you tried to get the fields programmatically via fgetcsv()

You could open the file, and fgetcsv() each record one by one and insert the
normal way. This way it'll be a lot more portable across databases.


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Sent: Monday, June 10, 2002 10:07 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] CSV/TXT file imported via PHP into MySQL

> I have a form on a PHP page with which I wish to load a tab delimited text
file into a
> UNIX based MySQL database
> By using PHPMyAdmin I have tested whether I can upload the file, using
MyAdmin to help me
> construct the Query and to date in MyAdmin it works fine. Taking the query
and splitting
> it across two pages (one for receiving the file, and to action the query)
seems to stop it
> from working.
> I have detailed the pertinent aspects below.
> My question is really to do with whether there is a file permissions
setting or
> requirement that I have to be aware of, or if there is merely something
else I can do.
> Form code:
>  echo "<form method=\"post\" action=\"$PHP_SELF?command=create\"
> enctype=\"multipart/form-data\">";
>   echo "\n<table width=\"300\"><tr><td><input type=\"file\"
>   echo "\n\n<td width=\"50\"><input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\"
> File\"></td></tr></table></form>";
> Query section:
>  switch ($command)
> {
> case 'create':
> echo "<br>$textfile"; \\merely existing to run checks
>         $query = "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '" . $textfile . "' INTO TABLE
> pebble_email_addresses FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\t' LINES TERMINATED BY
'\r\n' (firstname,
> surname, email) ";
>         echo "<br>$query"; \\merely existing to run checks
>     $sql_query_result = @mysql_query($query, $sql_userdb);
>        if ($sql_query_result and @mysql_affected_rows() > 0)
>           {
>              //Worked OK
>       echo "<br>it worked";
>       }
>         else
>            {
>        echo "<br>it didn't";
>              break;
> I have yet to get the damn query to import anything at all! HELP
> Thanks in Advance!
> Keiran
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