Hi NG Users,

I have sent this message to php.general too, but didn't get any response
there. It looks like this is all to new for most of the readers... Since
LDAP is some kind of db too, I thaught I'd send it to php.db...

I'm implementing some php 4.2.x code to manipulate Microsofts Active
Directory. I have already set-up the domain controller to handle LDAP
over SSL (Port 636) and it looks like it is working, at least I can
download a certificate when I browse the server with HTTPS.

The problem now is to get the certificate into php. Does anyone have
some clues how to manage this? Basically, what I'm trying to do is to
build a web-frontend to change passwords for AD accounts. I wouldn't
like to re-invent the wheel, so I'd really appreciate if someone could
post some code samples.

Also, if somebody already knows about some working ASP (VB) code, that
would also be very much appreciated. Anyway, it would be important to at
least be able to authenticate users agains AD with php, what probably
means that I still have to set-up a PHP/LDAP over a SSL connection to
AD. If anyone knows how to get a certificate into PHP, so that it is
possible to connect with something like this

$ds = ldap_connect("ldaps://servername:636");

that would be really great.

I've been browsing a lot on the web now and I really have tried almost
any search combinations with google and other search engines, but I
couldn't find any usefull docs on this topic. There are many people
looking into this issue, but finally most of them seem to fail when it
comes to connect to AD over SSL. If someone here has experience in this
field, I think he could do a favour to lots of developers, since it
looks like this is a major problem when it comes to interoperability
between Win2k and common Unix systems. Should I be successful in my
research, I really would be willing to write a decent documentation
about this, so that others wont have to waste so much time again, like
others did on this topic.

Kind regards to everyone,


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