Ok, if anyone else is having the same trouble with PHP 4.2.1, David 
Robley's suggestion (Thank you David!) works.  I am not to proud to have 
missed the obvious :)

If you are having trouble loading files (LOAD INFILE...) with PHP into 
MySQL, just do a chmod($file, 0777), and it works.  Not sure why this 
version of PHP doesn't give full permissions in the /tmp directory, but.....

Thanks all.

David Robley wrote:

>In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, [EMAIL PROTECTED] says...
>>Whoops :),
>>Yes, this is using phpMyAdmin, trying to use the "Insert data from a 
>>textfile into table" function, which uploads a file and the attempts to 
>>LOAD DATA INFILE.  Like I said below, it worked on PHP 4.1.2, then when 
>>upgraded to PHP 4.2.1, it gave the error :
>>"The file '/tmp/phpr4WYQY' must be in the database directory or be 
>>readable by all"
>>I ran through the phpMyAdmin scripts and watched it up until it tried to 
>>load the file, and it wouldn't read it.  The /tmp directory is 
>>"drwxrwxrwx" and the files in it are "-rw------", but I don't know how 
>>to get those changed in PHP.  Anyway, on a different server, I could 
>>have sworn I got the same problem but the uploaded files in the /tmp 
>>directory were "-rwxrwxrwx".  
>>Any ideas?
>>David Robley wrote:
>>>In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, [EMAIL PROTECTED] says...
>>>>I am getting this error with a new install of PHP4.2.1 and Zend 
>>>>Optimizer 1.3.1:
>>>>The file '/tmp/phpr4WYQY' must be in the database directory or be 
>>>>readable by all
>>>>I just updated PHP and the Zend Optimizer, and it had worked previously 
>>>>with PHP4.1.2,
>>>>Any ideas??
>>>Because you are asking on the db list, I'll guess that you are trying to 
>>>use LOAD DATA INFILE? The file you are trying to load needs to be world 
>>>readable if it isn't in the database directory.
>>>If this isn't the problem, can you be a bit more specific about the 
>>>circumstances in which this error appears?
>chmod() ??

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